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SafetyBelt™ - Safety leash for dog in the car

SafetyBelt™ - Safety leash for dog in the car

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Are you a DOG OWNER who worries about the SAFETY of your faithful companion when traveling in the car?

We have the IDEAL SOLUTION for you.

Our MerryPuppy SafetyBelt™ adjustable dog seat belt is ideal for both short and long car journeys. Enjoy peaceful travels with your faithful companion.

Say goodbye to worries about your dog's safety 
during car rides.

 Our goal is to provide you with a feeling of security while traveling. Our premium seat belts are made from premium materials that ensure strength and reliability. So it is an ideal choice for you and your furry friend, and a worthy investment.

We believe our seat belts are not just for car rides, but can also
be used to secure your dog when in their crate.

With our MerryPuppy SafetyBelt™, you can rest assured that your four-legged friend is safe during travel. It will not be able to distract you while driving, thus increasing your safety as well.

Prevent escape

Make your next car ride with your furry friend safe and comfortable.

 Knowing your dog is safe means you can focus on the road and drive stress-free.

You won't have to worry about what your dog is doing in the backseat!

Keep your furry friend safe and comfortable.

 It is made of high-quality nylon that is gentle on your dog's skin and strong enough to withstand their movements. 

The 360° rotating lock can help your dog move freely without twisting strap, your dog can sleep, stand, sit and play normally using this adjustable seat belt.

LENGTH ADJUSTMENT - adaptation to current needs is ensured by a smooth length adjustment system, which gives the dog a certain freedom in the case of larger cars or limits its movements.

Our premium MerryPuppy SafetyBelt™ is easy to use and versatile. It can be easily attached to any car seat belt and is compatible with all car models. You can also use them as a harness for walking your dog, making them a versatile product.

EASY ASSEMBLY - assembly on the collar is done using a carabiner, which is recommended to be attached to the dog's harness.

That's why we offer high-quality, durable dog seat belts that are designed to keep your pet safe and comfortable during car rides.

The MerryPuppy SafetyBelt™ is made from durable elastic, strong and waterproof, protecting your dog from sudden braking or turns. It features a sturdy zinc alloy swivel carabiner and quality buckles for cars UK.

Premium nylon
360° rotating zinc alloy carabiner
Adjustable leash : 53 cm to 73 cm

Thanks for heavy duty elastic bungee buffer, it can protect pets from sudden brake or sharp turn. And yes, you’d definitely like the reflective materials while you use it at night!

It is designed to withstand time and wear, giving you reliable and long-lasting use.

So invest in our MerryPuppy SafetyBelt™ and enjoy stress-free car journeys with your four-legged friend.


Properly transporting animals in the car not only ensures their safety, but also ensures your own safety as well as that of other road users. Belts for dogs keep the animal in the right place, which does not disturb the tranquility and concentration of the person driving the car, and in the event of sudden braking or participation in a road collision, they reduce the risk of injury serious that can occur in animals.


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